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Active Supervision

Active Supervision

Why should I do it:

  • An adult presence is enough many times to keep misbehavior from occurring and can help with specific students and areas that have a high prevalence of behavior issues. When this adult presence is unpredictable and frequent, Behavior incidents decrease.

When should I do it:

  • When an area in class or the hallway has a high incidence of problem behaviors.
  • When a student or group of students persistently exhibit behavior incidents
  • For areas that are out of the way or not within visibility of staff
  • On playgrounds and during recess
  • During unstructured times in class, the lunch room, gym, auditorium, etc
  • During tests, quizzes, and exams

How do I do it:

  • Walk around without a specific pattern or predictable route or routine and scan with your eyes
  • Make positive contacts with students while walking around, saying “hi”, “what’s up”, “looking good”, “I like that shirt”, “how was your weekend”, etc
  • Reinforce good behaviors by making positive remarks to students about it, for example “I like how you are walking down the hall, good job” or “that was very nice of you to pick up that persons books for them, great job!”
  • Correct bad behaviors by approaching the student in a non-threatening and non-imposing manner. State the rule they are breaking, get their acknowledgement that they are breaking the rule, and ask them to correct it
  • Give appropriate consequences for bad behavior when appropriate and necessary
  • Do not allow students to draw you into battles or fights when you address them, instead, if they try to, tell them you will talk to them later about it or have them go to the office where you can address them one on one and away from other students.
  • Make interactions with students brief and to the point and keep moving and scanning

Resources & Support for technique: