The PBIS World Book


One School Social Worker and 8 schools K-12… necessity, the mother of invention, that’s what really led to PBIS World. When the new role of PBIS Coach was added to my hat wardrobe, I knew I needed to find a way to stretch myself even thinner than I already was without actually stretching myself. I needed to duplicate myself to increase my work production and efficiency. Thus began weeks of brainstorming that ultimately concluded with the idea of a PBIS website for my district. The website would enable and empower teachers and staff to implement and carry out PBIS more autonomously while freeing me up a little more to focus on broad trainings and tier 3 cases.

I began work by developing several interactive PBIS website layouts and formats and testing them with numerous staff in the district, which led to a clear and overwhelming preference for one particular design. After the design was set, I spent the next 2 years writing and compiling content and resources. There were over 200 pages of content to write and hundreds of resources to find and compile. Thankfully, the two elementary School Counselors in the district helped write some of the page content.

After the site was finished and went live, I received a lot of positive feedback from colleagues outside of my district who visited the site and felt it could be a valuable resource beyond just my district. I specifically designed and customized the site for my district, and it was buried in the district’s website, which made it difficult for anyone but our staff to find and didn’t lend to it being very user friendly to others. I therefore decided to build the site again on my own and independently as PBIS World to serve as a resource for the broader PBIS community. This made PBIS World a stand-alone site easy for anyone anywhere to find and use.

Since launching PBIS World in late 2011, I’ve been totally taken aback with the amount of positive feedback, emails, and questions I’ve received. It’s been extremely encouraging to hear people think this is a useful and worthwhile resource. I’m happy the time and effort poured into the project over the last few years is serving those across district, state, and national lines. I will be continuing to improve, expand, and update the site on a regular and ongoing basis, and I hope PBIS World will continue to grow and serve as a useful resource.

PBIS World is in no way affiliated, associated, or connected with any other website, entity, or federal, state, or local government agency, department, program, policy, or initiative.