The PBIS World Book

Getting Started

If you don’t know what PBIS is or want to implement PBIS, then this is the place to start! To learn about what PBIS is, jump over to the FAQ page. If you already know you want to implement PBIS, then keep reading. This page is not intended to be a comprehensive guide and how to on implementing PBIS, rather, just a starting point and jumping board to get you started and pointed in the right direction. Putting PBIS into place is an extensive process that requires a lot of advanced planning. Do not go into implementing PBIS in your school or district lightly. Without a firm commitment from the vast majority of staff, PBIS will not be very successful. Your ISD and state board of education will have help, resources, supports, and contacts to aid you with implementing PBIS. You should also consider partnering with a nearby school or district already implementing PBIS successfully. Your ISD or state board of ed can assist you with finding a school to partner with.