The PBIS World Book


The student may:

  • Say rude, offensive, or insensitive comments
  • Interrupt others
  • Have trouble waiting turn and sharing
  • Say first thing on their mind
  • Raise hand before questions are finished
  • Start working before told to or before directions are given
  • Unable to control their immediate reactions or think before they act
  • Often blurt out inappropriate or odd comments
  • Show their emotions without restraint
  • Act without considering the consequences
  • Appear insensitive and oblivious to others feelings
  • Find it hard to wait for things they want, or to take their turn in games
  • Moves around a lot
  • Fidgety
  • Have trouble keeping hands to self
  • Frequently hit, push, and make physical contact with others
  • Frequently say mean things to others or swear
  • Have trouble waiting in line and transitioning
  • Have trouble waiting for explanations or corrections
  • Frequently give wrong or short sighted answers
  • Appear “squirrely”