The PBIS World Book

Lack Of Participation

The student may:

  • Appear withdrawn or shy
  • Avoid eye contact and other communication
  • Look down
  • Seem disinterested and unengaged
  • Pretend to sleep
  • Have trouble learning
  • Fall behind academically
  • Have low academic ability
  • Have a poor sense of self
  • Have a short attention span
  • Isolate him/herself socially
  • Appear sad or unhappy
  • Have limited peer interactions
  • Display varying degrees of boredom and indifference
  • Have an “I don’t care attitude”
  • Fail to turn in work, take work home, or record homework in planner
  • Have fears such as talking in front of others, fear of failing, anxiety
  • Avoidance behaviors
  • Have many excuses for not doing work or meeting expectations
  • Be distressed, upset, or preoccupied
  • Dislike school, have bad school experiences
  • Be unable to read or a weak reader
  • Frequently say “I don’t know”
  • Become agitated, irritated, frustrated, or huff and puff when asked to volunteer or participate
  • Have complicating home or environmental issues