The PBIS World Book

Lack Of Responsibility

The student may:

  • Not do class and homework
  • Fail to return work
  • Do partial assignments
  • Never make up missed work
  • Have poor attendance and punctuality
  • Express little concern for own success
  • Chose not to study or complete study guides
  • Chose to not do extra credit
  • Only do the absolute minimal expectations to pass with the lowest grade possible
  • Be more concerned with social activities, friends, and after school plans
  • Come to class unprepared
  • Have incomplete assignments
  • Blame others, things, circumstances, etc
  • Make many excuses
  • Excessively ask for help
  • Inability to work independently
  • Come to class unprepared, frequently ask for paper, or lose writing utensil a lot
  • Overly rely on others for help, clarification, or answers