The PBIS World Book

Lack Of Social Skills

The student may:

  • Seem to interact and navigate environment in an awkward, weird, or odd manner
  • Antagonize others
  • Annoy, poke, hit, tap, or get the attention of others then run away
  • Have poor concept of appropriate times and places to say certain things
  • Tease others frequently
  • Have younger more immature friends
  • Seem emotionally immature
  • Have difficulty making or maintaining friendships
  • Display inappropriate behaviors
  • Exhibit behaviors that push others away and make them look weird or odd
  • Seek negative attention or do something inappropriate then look around the room to see who is looking
  • Class clown
  • Be overprotective of relationships
  • Have trouble sharing friends
  • Become jealous over friendships
  • Relational aggression
  • Start rumors about others
  • Lash out at others that are seen as betraying them or not giving them full attention
  • Make inappropriate comments
  • Poor interactions with others
  • Play alone or parallel play
  • Lack of make believe play
  • Play with toys inappropriately
  • Display emotions that are not appropriate to the situation
  • Be overly animated, dramatic, or sensational
  • Tell unrealistic stories and experiences
  • Always try to top others, be better, win every time
  • Poor winner and loser
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