The PBIS World Book

Low Or No Work Completion

The student may:

  • Have low energy and motivation
  • Have low academic ability
  • Appear lethargic or slow
  • Assignments turned in incomplete
  • Be sad or depressed
  • Have home or environmental issues
  • Become frequently frustrated and discouraged with work
  • Have little home support and involvement
  • Fail to study
  • Dislike school
  • little or no participation or interest
  • Have poor organizational skills
  • Give many excuses
  • Fail to consistently follow expectations for work completion
  • Little to no follow through
  • Say they want to and will try more and start doing better, begin to improve, then quickly fall off again
  • Talk a good talk about changing and doing better, but display no action
  • Be more preoccupied with social interactions and circle
  • Spend time with “bad crowd”
  • Have trouble focusing and attending