The PBIS World Book


The student may:

  • Appear suspicious, tense, nervous, uptight, etc
  • Seem like they are hiding something
  • Seem to be looking out the window or in a certain direction a lot
  • Frequently look up to check on the teacher or adult
  • Tattle often
  • Involved in a lot of conflict
  • Tells unlikely or inflated stories
  • Frequently
  • Have difficulty taking responsibility
  • Have frequent incidents
  • Have frequent reports from others
  • Blame others
  • Only seem to tell half the story or give partial details
  • What they are saying doesn’t quite add up
  • Relay self serving messages from parents
  • Minimize situations or issues
  • Suddenly do really well on a test, quiz, or assignment
  • Make a point to emphasize an assignment or task they have done very well that seems out of the norm