The PBIS World Book

Poor Coping Skills

The student may:

  • Become upset and emotional quickly over even trivial things
  • Highly reactive and sensitive
  • Easily embarrassed, offended, intimidated, etc
  • Be quick to respond emotionally either with anger or sadness
  • Have difficulty taking praise or criticism
  • Often tattle on others
  • Often blame others
  • Display Repetitive behaviors
  • Fidget, tap, rock, etc
  • Seem frequently and easily overwhelmed and overloaded
  • Frequent melt-downs
  • Unable to express feelings
  • All emotions expressed as anger
  • Seem obsessive, compulsive, or perseverative
  • Pace
  • Seem distracted and unfocused
  • Appear preoccupied
  • Often yell or shut down when frustrated
  • Become frustrated easily