The PBIS World Book

Poor Self Esteem

The student may:

  • Be self defeating
  • Appear sad or depressed
  • Be withdrawn
  • Hesitant to try new things or challenging tasks
  • Easily cease effort
  • Say they cannot do anything, are incapable, or are not good enough
  • Often say others are better at tasks then they are
  • Have anxiety about being the center of attention, getting in front of class, etc
  • Perceive themselves as ugly or undesirable
  • Have a distorted body image
  • Never feel they are good enough
  • Be a perfectionist
  • Be unable to take a genuine compliment
  • Easily have their feelings hurt over little things or things that are not directed toward them
  • Rush through work
  • Display an “I don’t care” attitude
  • Make big plans and then fail to follow through
  • Take on more than they can handle
  • Make negative comments about self
  • Have a lack of friends