The PBIS World Book


The student may:

  • Frequently have new items in desk, book bag, locker, etc
  • Linger by teachers desk when no one is near it
  • Appear suspicious, look around to see if anyone is watching, keep “eyeing” an item, etc
  • Often “borrow” items from others or off desks, acting as though there is nothing wrong when confronted
  • Have large sums of money or valuables, like electronics
  • Be unable to explain how and where they got something from
  • Have nearby students complain of missing items
  • Have large stocks of pencils, markers, paper, supplies, etc
  • Have hoarded items
  • Have large currency bills
  • Talk frequently about new items parents or relatives bought them
  • Sneak back into school or rooms
  • Sneak into to buildings after school
  • Report plans to steal to friends
  • Seem to be hiding items
  • See nothing wrong with taking others’ belongings
  • Lack remorse, guilt, sense of sorrow
  • Demonstrate other deviant behaviors like fighting, breaking and entering in community, vandalism, conflicts with police and authority figures, frequent suspensions, hang out with “wrong crowd”, etc
  • Have juvenile legal record
  • Have parents complain about student taking things from homes when spending the night
  • Have frequent reports from others
  • Brag to others of new items
  • Deny when confronted