The PBIS World Book

Tantrums/Out Of Control

The student may:

  • Fail to respond to any redirection, calming, deescalation, etc
  • Extreme oppositional and defiance
  • Deliberately destroy items, furniture, toys, supplies, etc
  • Yell, scream, hit, kick, bite, flail, stomp, roll on ground, crawl, hit head on things
  • Lay on the floor and refuse to do what is asked
  • Run out of or around room
  • Run out of school
  • Run from adults and authority figures
  • Throw things, swing at others with objects, threaten others with objects, motion they will throw objects
  • Pout, whine, moan, groan, growl, or yelp
  • Unable to deescalate after reasonable period
  • Yell “no”, “I don’t want to”, “I don’t have to”, “Make me”, etc
  • Challenge authority figures or adults
  • Make verbal and physical threats
  • Appear extremely upset
  • Begin to hyperventilate, gag, pass out, become light headed, hold breath, turn blue
  • Hit or bite self and become self destructive
  • Yell inappropriate words
  • Say very mean and vindictive phrases
  • Smile and taunt others while threatening
  • Stand up and become aggressive
  • Be unreasonable
  • Fail to see logic
  • Express no concern for consequences
  • Make suicidal and homicidal threats
  • Express hopelessness with the situation and an inability to recover the situation
  • Become fatalistic