The PBIS World Book


The student may:

  • Seem lackluster, sluggish, emotionally flat
  • Just sit in seat doing nothing when there is work to do
  • Express no concern about incomplete work, grades, achievement
  • Not care about classes, knowing subject matter, studying, tests, quizzes
  • Only work when teacher is hovering over them telling them what to do or pushing them
  • Need to be frequently reminded to stay on task and to remember assignments
  • Have little facial or physical affect (often looks sad and unmoved by much)
  • Not ask questions, volunteer, or participate
  • Not appear to enjoy school
  • Only come to school for social aspect
  • Have frequent absences or frequent reports of illness
  • Frequently skip classes or school
  • Not make up missing work
  • Fail to complete penalties
  • Be unconcerned about being suspended or missing school
  • Lack responsibility
  • Fail to begin or finish tasks
  • Not participate in pairs or groups
  • Have others report they are not carrying their weight or doing their part
  • Have an “I don’t care” or “Whatever” attitude
  • Not get excited or seem incentivized by rewards, encouragement, praise, etc
  • Be unconcerned with appearance and self care
  • Be hanging out with bad crowd