The PBIS World Book

Assign A Classroom Job

Why should I do it:

  • Helps teachers with time and class management
  • Teaches students responsibility
  • Helps students to build self-confidence and purpose
  • Creates student buy-in
  • Creates a sense of ownership in students
  • Builds class cohesiveness
  • Helps kids with behavior problems and attention seeking behaviors receive positive feedback and attention
  • Helps students with poor behaviors redirect their energies toward positive behaviors
  • Helps kids with ADHD and who are hyper or overactive do a physical task and move around

When should I do it:

  • When a student is easily distracted and is frequently losing focus
  • With students who are hyper
  • With students that seem withdrawn or isolated
  • With students that have poor self-concept, self-confidence, and/or self-esteem
  • When there is a lot of conflict or disunity in the class
  • With students that have trouble with academics
  • With students who act out or exhibit behavior problems
  • With students that seek negative attention

How do I do it:

  • Speak with the student(s) you want to assign jobs to and emphasize how important the job is and their participation
  • Use jobs as an opportunity to give a lot of positive praise and attention
  • Give the student choices, presenting them with several jobs to choose from
  • You may consider setting up a system where all students in class receive jobs in order to build class cohesiveness, unity, pride, and rapport
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Resources & Support for technique: