The PBIS World Book

Card Flip

STOP! Controversial Intervention! Please read before implementing:

Why should I do it:

  • It provides student with comfort and limits
  • You remain in control of the environment
  • Provides clear, consistent, & predictable rules and expectations
  • Provides a visual cue for behavior

When should I do it:

  • When a student breaks a rule or whose actions are disruptive enough to require a formal consequence
  • When a student breaks classroom rules, procedures, guidelines, etc
  • When students fail to abide by school rules, procedures, guidelines, etc
  • When students fail to return/complete homework or classwork within an acceptable time frame

How do I do it:

  • Always provide consequences to students in the most non-emotional state possible (If needed, take a time out for yourself before implementing consequences)
  • Be brief, succinct, and to the point when explaining a consequence
  • Be consistent, giving a consequence for the behavior every time it happens and without partiality
  • Have the student explain what they did wrong, and what they will do differently next time
  • Post a list of the class/school rules in the classroom, having students point to the rule they broke when making them flip their card
  • Ensure all students are aware of and know the class/school rules, are able to explain them, and can give examples of both following and breaking the rules
  • Occasionally have the students rehearse/practice what it looks like to follow the rules
  • Don’t make a huge deal while administering card flips, be matter of fact, direct, calm, and emotionally neutral

Resources & Support for technique: