The PBIS World Book

Have Student Say Something Nice To The Student They Called A Name

Why should I do it:

  • Way of empowering the student
  • Prevents power struggle
  • Teaches correct and expected behaviors
  • Teaches student problem solving skills
  • Teaches empathy and compassion
  • Provides a better alternative than punitive consequences
  • Benefits and validates the victim
  • Provides resolution to student conflicts
  • Teaches students how to interact and socialize

When should I do it:

  • When a student is reluctant to do something
  • When a student says something that obviously upset another student significantly
  • When a student makes a remark to another student without really knowing the significance of what they said or the word(s) they used
  • When a student is bullying another student
  • When a student has been disrespectful toward an adult

How do I do it:

  • Speak in calm, neutral tone.
  • Provide the student with choices
    • For example. You can apologize to Johnny for calling him a name, or you will need to flip your card
  • Have the student face the student they are apologizing to and look at them
  • Have the student say specifically to the other student what they are sorry for
  • Have the student say they will not do it again after apologizing
  • Have the victim accept or not accept the apology verbally
    • If the apology is not accepted, tell the child that is okay and it was good and right that they apologized and perhaps the other child would accept the apology later