The PBIS World Book


Why should I do it:

  • Some students minimal outside sound, noise, and distractions to focus and be productive
  • Some students work better with music or white sound, like rain, water, etc
  • Students with ADHD/ADD can benefit from extra stimulus
  • Some students’ hearing is sensitive

When should I do it:

  • When a student is easily distracted and is frequently losing focus
  • When a student has ADHD/ADD
  • When a student has trouble working while others are talking or making noise
  • When a student is unfocused and inattentive
  • When a student is sensitive to loud sound and noise
  • When a student has Autism Spectrum Disorder and needs quiet
  • When a student has sensitive hearing

How do I do it:

  • Use media center headphones, have students supply their own, or get some from the dollar store to play white noise or music
  • For sound blocking headphones, get several pair from the hardware store, like Home Depot, Lowes, etc (they may donate some if you ask)
  • Encourage student to wear the headphones during individual work time
  • Encourage student to wear the headphones when the class or room is noisy, distracting, etc
  • Type of headphones:
    • Use music headphones for students listening to music, audio of rain, water, etc
    • Use isolating headphones or hearing protection headphones or earmuffs to block out and reduce sound
    • Use ear plugs, which are inexpensive and readily available, but use caution with younger children as they could pose a chocking hazard and are not appropriate
  • Students may also cover their ears or plug them with their fingers if only temporary silence is needed, like during a noisy transition or walking down an echoey hall, etc

Resources & Support for technique: