The PBIS World Book


Why should I do it:

  • Some students misbehave, are disruptive, off task, etc, due to trying to get attention, therefore, addressing these students when they do this is giving them attention, what they want, and reinforcing the undesired behaviors you don’t want
  • Reduces misbehaviors, off task students, disruptions, outbursts, etc
  • Teaches kids to seek attention in more appropriate ways
  • Decreases lost instruction time

When should I do it:

  • When a student is acting out, disruptive, off task, talking, exhibiting outbursts, etc
  • When students seek attention in negative ways
  • When are off task, talking out of turn, making noises, drawing attention to themselves, etc

How do I do it:

  • With students that are not posing a danger to others, you simply ignore their behaviors and continue instruction without stopping or giving them any special attention
  • Students may intensify their efforts to get your attention at first when you begin to ignore them, therefore, do not give up too easily with this intervention, rather, outlast the student
  • When the student does something positive, correct, or on task, praise them and give them attention
  • Make a point to praise other students in the class who are exhibiting on task and correct behaviors, including what they are doing right in the praise, like “nice job sitting up straight in your chair Billy” or “you were very quiet and listened to the directions very well Johnny”
  • Find other ways to give the disruptive student attention and praise for correct behaviors

Resources & Support for technique: