The PBIS World Book

Organize Materials Daily

Why should I do it:

  • Teaches students important skills that will be necessary more and more as they get older and progress through school
  • Reduces wasted time with students looking for things
  • Increases instructional time
  • Improves work completion
  • Students can find their materials and assignments faster and more easily
  • Improves students’ self confidence
  • Increases attending behavior
  • Helps students stay aware of what their assignments are, which are completed, and which they still need to do
  • Improves homework completion and return

When should I do it:

  • When a student is disorganized
  • When a student loses a lot of work
  • When a student frequently fails to turn work in
  • When a student spends an abnormal amount of time looking for materials and assignments in their desks or bags
  • When students have ADD/ADHD
  • When students have poor home support
  • When students have trouble remembering what their work is, what they had to do, and what they completed

How do I do it:

  • Have a student, a select group of students, or your entire class organize their materials in their desks and bags once a day
  • Set up a standard routine and teach your students how to organize, for example using folders and putting work to do on one side and finished work on the other side, etc.
  • Help students having difficulty organizing their things and provide one on one support, showing them how to do it and then having them show you
  • Try a visual checklist for students that are more visually oriented, like those on the Autism Spectrum or those with ADD/ADHD
  • Have the student organize their locker or desk at the end of the day
  • Ask parents to assist their child at home organizing their backpack, materials, folders, work, etc
  • Create a visual organizational checklist for the student to use before leaving for the day
  • Have the student keep their things in a small crate or box either by their desk or somewhere else in the room

Resources & Support for technique: