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Stop, Walk and Talk Technique

Why should I do it:

  • To teach students how to stand up to behavior that they feel is offensive or not wanted
  • To Empower students
  • To promote self-advocacy and self-determination
  • To decrease bullying and bullying related issues in school
  • To promote a more self-reliant, responsible, and safe climate and atmosphere
  • To remove barriers that interfere with positive peer interactions and academics
  • To create a positive school climate

When should I do it:

  • This strategy is best utilized and taught school-wide as part of the regular rules and procedures
  • Teach this strategy to students several times throughout the year
  • When you witness or are informed of any situations that students feel bullied, annoyed, offended or
  • When a student seems to react to others teasing or instigation
  • When an awkward or odd student seems to attract a lot of criticism
  • When students seem to have poor interactions and frequent conflicts
  • When students do not know how to handle conflicts well
  • When students complain about bullying, being picked on, teased, etc

How do I do it:

  • The Stop, Walk, & Talk strategy is a great systematic program from the publicationBully Prevention in Positive Behavior Support, which teaches students how to deal with being bullied, bothered, teased, etc
  • The program consists of teaching students to use 3 simple and progressive steps: Indicating through words and gesture to stop, walking away if the problem continues, and finally talking to an adult if the issue is still not resolved.
  • For specific details on the program and free program guides and curriculum, see the great resources below

Resources & Support for technique: