The PBIS World Book

Check In Check Out (CICO)

Why should I do it:

  • Improves student accountability
  • Increases structure
  • Improves student behavior and academics when other interventions have failed
  • Provides feedback and adult support on a daily basis
  • Improves and establishes daily home/school communication and collaboration
  • Improves student organization, motivation, incentive, and reward
  • Helps students to self monitor and correct
  • Internalizes success and accomplishment of goals
  • Students get involved and excited about the program, enjoying the structure, support, and incentives of the intervention
  • Leads to maintenance free responsible behaviors, habits, and effort

When should I do it:

  • When a student has failed to respond to other interventions and general class management techniques and interventions
  • When a student is competing little to no work
  • When a student is not doing home work
  • When a student is not participating, being involved, or taking part in the learning process
  • When a student has emotional issues, like anxiety, frustration, etc
  • When kids have attention, focus, and impulsivity issues
  • When kids have very poor organization
  • When a student is exhibiting behavioral problems
  • When a student demonstrates low motivation and effort

How do I do it:

  • The CICO intervention, from the book Responding to Problem Behavior in Schools, 2nd Ed: The Behavior Education Program, is a highly effective research based intervention and can be changed and adapted to suit any school or situation
  • The program consists of students daily checking in with an adult at the start of school to retrieve a goal sheet and encouragement, teachers provide feedback on the sheet throughout the day, students check out at the end of the day with an adult, and the student takes the sheet home to be signed, returning it the following morning at check in
  • For details on CICO, information on how to implement it, and resources for tracking forms, see the great resources and links below

Resources & Support for technique: