The PBIS World Book

Teach Organizational Skills

Why should I do it:

  • Provides increased order for the student mentally and logistically
  • Improves student awareness of belongings, papers, supplies, etc
  • Increases student success and morale
  • Improves work completion and returning or handing in of work
  • Provides increased structure
  • Helps to develop and establish routines, schedules, etc
  • Increases student responsibility and follow through
  • Holds students more accountable
  • Improves student self-confidence
  • Decreases missing and lost assignments
  • Improves time management
  • Increases attending behaviors

When should I do it:

  • When students exhibit poor organization
  • When students chronically loose, misplace, and fail to turn in work
  • When students have trouble following the school/class procedures, schedules, and/or routines
  • When a students locker/desk is very messy and disorganized
  • When a student looses work, materials, and supplies in their locker/desk
  • When a student hoards work in their locker/desk

How do I do it:

    • At the Tier 1 Level, think of doing conflict resolution lessons and interventions for the whole class or groups
    • At the Tier 2 level, think of doing conflict resolution lessons and interventions for groups and individuals
    • At the Tier 3 level, think of customizing specific conflict resolution lessons and interventions for specific students
  • There are numerous specific strategies and systems to help and teach students to become more organized, please click on links below to explore and choose some
  • Some basic strategies include keeping a planner or calendar, frequently organizing lockers, desks, and storage areas with the assistance of a teacher or peer
  • Checklists
  • Daily schedules
  • Keeping things in a crate and out of the desk or locker
  • Organizational folders with a “to do” and “done” side
  • Visual schedule
  • Parent assistance with daily helping student to organize and sort work, belongings, and materials
  • Turning in all complete work to one location and/or person
  • Etc.

Resources & Support for technique: