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Student with ASD Episodes of Rage and Inappropriate Behavior

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This is my fourth year as an elementary special education teacher, but it is my first year work with students who have ASD, and I'm not exactly sure what I should be doing.

I have a student in third grade with ASD. He is verbal and a very good reader. Writing and math are more difficult, but our main focus is social skills. When I work with this student and go over social stories and come up with behavior strategies, he is very receptive. He says he understands what he should be doing. We use a feelings scale and a word scale to try to help him regulate his feelings and use appropriate words.

When he becomes upset, he goes into a rage, throwing things, trying to strike out at staff and students, violent, throwing desks, etc.  His coordination isn't highly developed so avoiding thrown objects and his lashing out are relatively easy.  

I am at a loss. His general ed teacher wants me to see him more often, but I have a full schedule already. There are already other students that I don't get to work with as much as I would like because there isn't enough time in my day. I'm concerned about the safety of his peers, as well as his aide, general ed teacher, and myself. He knows that he is wrong after the fact, but there is no reasoning with him when he is in the middle of a meltdown. The autism consultant we have for our district has recommended a reward system, and having him tell his thoughts to his aide before saying something. He has an immediate and weekly reward system, but they do not change the extreme behavior. Any suggestions?